What should I bring for my CCL class?

- Pen and paper, or something to write with.

- Quality eye and ear protection.

- Appropriate attire. Please dress for what we will be doing. Preferably long pants for range day, good shoes that provide support or boots, and a jacket for chilly days.

- While this is NOT mandatory, we recommend you bring a quality, strong-side, belt holster with a sturdy belt. This holster will be used on the range to ensure that you have a place to put your firearm while waiting to shoot. An inexpensive universal holster purchased at a local gun shop will do.

- A safe, functioning handgun in good repair. You may bring more than one, but it's a good idea to bring the gun you plan to carry. At least 100 rounds of practice ammo (for your firearm) for drills and/or qualification. Feel free to bring more, as we may have more range time, or if you are unfamiliar with your firearm or unsure of your ability.

- FOID card, Driver's license or state ID, and Proof of prior training. We cannot issue a certificate without this documentation.

Can I do the qualification with any gun?

- You may qualify with any handgun that you feel comfortable shooting.

Do I have to own the gun I bring to class?

- No. Any legal handgun may be used. Please feel free to bring the firearm into class, but leave your ammo in the car unless told otherwise.

Do you have rental firearms? 

- At this time we do not.

Is there a test for the Illinois CCL? 

- There is a live fire portion of the Illinois CCL training. 30 shots are fired - 10 shots are fired at each distance of 5 yards, 7 yards, and 10 yards. You must score a total 70% or better (21/30) to qualify.

Where are your classes held? 

- All classes are held at our dedicated classroom in Abingdon, IL unless otherwise specified. We do hold private classes. Please contact us HERE to ask about private instruction.

What time do your classes start?

- Most of our classes start at 8am. Times may vary depending on the class.

How much does the training cost?

- See our COURSES page for class info and cost.

Do you have other courses aside from the Illinois CCL Course?

- Yes we do. Please see our COURSES page for full course offerings. We have more coming soon.

Do you do fingerprints and applications for our CCL? 

- We offer application processing service for students and non-students for a small fee. Please CONTACT US for more information.

Can you do Florida CWP applications?

- We have Florida CWP applications available. Please CONTACT US for more information

Do I have to have a FOID to take your class?

- You do not have to have a FOID to take our classes; however, you must be able to transport your firearm legally, so someone with a FOID must transport it for you.

Can you do weekday/evening classes? 

- Yes we can. Please CONTACT US for more information.

Do I have to take the Illinois ccl training all at once?

- The Illinois CCL legislation does not specify that the required 16 hours of training has to be completed in one section. Please CONTACT US to discuss your particular situation.

What states honor the Illinois CCL (Concealed Carry License)?

- Please visit www.usacarry.com or authorities in the state in question for information on CCL reciprocity. Be sure to do your research before you travel to ensure that you are obeying the law.