Greg huwe, TRAINER

I am a firm believer in firearm safety and ownership and ownership. I wish to promote proper firearms safety and training to responsible clients in a fun, effective and safe atmosphere. My background in Law enforcement and tactical operations is a blessing that I wish to extend to clients that take our courses.

Darrin Worsfold, trainer

I want to share 30 years of firearm experience and knowledge. I want to promote safety, responsibility, and a positive attitude towards firearm training. Every eligible person should be allowed to possess and carry a firearm. Without proper training and education this right will go away. My goal is to make sure this does not happen.

ed morris, range medic

My father removed my curiosity about guns when I was young and made me understand the power, responsibility and respect required to own firearms. I carried in my past as a Sheriff’s Deputy and I currently own firearms to protect my family and for fun. I feel that citizens should be educated well, so they don’t fear guns and can learn to protect themselves no matter the situation.

randy Wilson, Owner/Lead Trainer

My goal in founding this company was to help people get the most professional and complete training from ethical and experienced firearms instructors. My love for shooting was started in my teen years, and many days and hours at the range have now made it a passion.

steve harris, co-founder/Lead Trainer

It is my firm belief that a day at the range is better than the best day in the office. With over 30 years experience with firearms, I look forward to sharing my insight and love of guns with as many people as I can.



I joined the CDG team because I have a passion for gun safety. I believe in the right to bear arms, but I also believe that right comes with responsibility. My hope is that I can share my knowledge of gun safety to make gun ownership a fun and safe experience for all.